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Suggested Tours

Cultural heritage of Jordan

A 14 day/13 night group program featuring moderate walks and an intensive exploration of Petra.

Jordan Family Holiday

A program with highlights for every member of the family, with enough free time to include those all-important afternoon visits to the hotel swimming pool!

A Journey Through Time

An in-depth exploration of the richness of Jordan’s archaeological heritage. Ideal for FITs and small groups of archaeological enthusiasts.

Culture and Nature in Jordan

An invigorating blend of nature and culture, well suited to FITs and small groups.

Bird watching tour

Organized in cooperation with Jordan’s RSCN ( Royal Society of the Conservation of Nature), this program offers the greatest possibilities for small- group birding in early spring and fall (late February-early April, October).

Extended Trekking Program

A 15-day, 14-night program with moderate to difficult segments, including 6 overnights of wilderness camping. Suitable for small groups.

Wadi Rum camel safari

A short program including some of Jordan’s most memorable landscapes. Suitable for FITs or small groups.

Cuisine of the Levant

8 day/7 night program featuring a five-night cooking course at the Petra Kitchen. Perfect for FITs and small groups interested in learning the secrets of the Levantine kitchen.

Mosaic Workshop

The chance to learn the ancient art of mosaic-making in the city which has been a center for this craft since Byzantine times.