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One of the ancient Decapolis trading cities, Jerash is one of the world’s best-preserved provincial Greco-Roman provincial cities. Its colonnaded streets, baths, theaters, plazas, and arches remain in exceptional condition. Jerash is situated north of Jordan in the ancient region of Gilead, 45km north of Amman.

Recent excavations show that Jerash was inhabited during the Bronze Age and Iron Age (3200 BC-1200 BC). After the Roman conquest in 63 BC, Jerash and the surrounding land were annexed by the Roman province of Syria. An impressive archway commemorates the visit of Emperor Hadrian to the site.

There are many striking monuments and structures to be seen: Hadrian’s Arch, the Hippodrome, the Temples of Zeus and Artemis, the oval Forum, which is surrounded by a fine colonnade, a long collonnaded street, two theatres, two baths, stables and later Byzantine churches are all a part of the Jerash experience. Just remember–don’t whisper any secrets while you’re visiting the theatres in Jerash. These acoustically amazing structures will broadcast your whispers to the farthest row of seats!
Make sure to schedule in some time to catch the daily RACE performance when you visit Jerash. RACE, short for Roman Army and Chariot Experience, is a captivating show performed twice daily at 11:00am and 2:00pm (with the exception of Tuesdays, when no show is performed, and Fridays, when only the afternoon performance is offered). While the schedule may vary, the experience is always exciting. The creators of the event have invested extensive research and training to create authentic re-enactments of Roman battle drills, gladiatorial contests, and a thrilling 7-lap chariot race. You'll be transported back in time as you sit in the Jerash Hippodrome and witness the very same events that captivated the citizens of ancient Gerasa over 2,000 years ago. 

The Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts was an annual event from 1981 to 2002, which showcased talented artists and theatrical groups from all over the world during the summer season. Nowadays, the festival has expanded into the Jordan Summer Festival, which includes performances held at Jerash theatres, the Roman Amphitheatre in Amman, and the Amman Citadel. Information on the upcoming summer event will be available soon, and a link to it will be posted. If you plan to visit during the summer, you might be lucky enough to attend one of the performances. Most events feature exceptional Arabic musical acts, catering to the local population and the summer influx of visitors from the Gulf States. Moreover, renowned entertainers from Europe and North America are also featured in this festival.