About us

Petra Moon was established in 1992.  We were the first inbound tour operator to open for business in Petra.  We were the first inbound tour operator in Jordan to focus on adventure travel, and the pioneers of “cultural ecotourism” programs in Jordan.  We are still the leaders in this market, but not the only such agents.  Good ideas are easy to copy; creative talent is not.

Petra Moon has the most extensive desert service organization in Jordan.  We have a variety of service levels, from basic trekking camps to deluxe “outdoor hotel” camps.  Whatever your style and budget, we can deliver the product.  Some things don’t change, though—experienced camp staff, knowledgeable trekking guide, and food to rival the best hotels.

We believe people travel to experience the depth and diversity of other cultures.  Our program designers look for opportunities to get you off the beaten track so you can meet local people, learn about their traditions and customs, and ask about their lives, dreams, hopes and challenges.  Jordanians aren’t shy, and conversation is still the most popular team sport in the Kingdom.

Part of the fun of our business is learning new things.  If you  want a special experience, ask us.  If we don’t know how to organize it already, we’d love to find out.  We depend on your  requests to keep our work fresh and exciting.

Petra Moon’s general manager is Wendy Botham, an American woman who came backpacking to Petra in 1992 and fell in love with the place at first sight.  She brings her dog to work with her every morning because she has the world’s friendliest miniature chihuahua, Chiquita, who has by force of nature become our Customer Relations Manager.  When you come see us, prepare to be offered any one of a ridiculous number of dog toys to throw for her entertainment.

Ayman al Alami is our chief accountant and office manager.  It’s a thankless job trying to introduce organization into our happy chaos, but he keeps trying.  His mobile phone ringtone is the theme from “The Godfather”—and NOBODY refuses Ayman’s offers….

Fadi al Nawafleh wears many hats, or keffiyahs.  He is the operating manager,  runs our Groups department, pitches in with individual programs and supervises interns from the local university’s tourism program.  Since joining us full time after completing a hospitality degree at Philadelphia University, he has become our point man for student tours as well as supervising our outside trekking staff.   He weighs about 10 kilos soaking wet, and a fair amount of that is his cell phone.

Khaled al Masadeh completed his study in modern languages at Yarmoukh University before signing on.  He runs our Individuals department, although he finds himself doing the odd group as well.  His ability to double- and triple-check every detail is nothing short of awe inspiring.  He is the calm center of our whirlwind organization.  We are sure that he must get into a bad mood sometimes, but we have yet to see it.

Mohammed al Ayesh interned with us while a student in al-Hussein University’s Tourism College, and joined us full-time upon graduation.  He manages our guaranteed departure programs, checks our daily rundown of services, oversees insurance and reporting requirements and usually wins the contest of who gets to take home our 24-hour line handset.

Afaf Nasarat, with a degree in modern languages from Jordan University, had every intention of finding a job in Amman doing French-Arabic translations.  We are very lucky that her family helped us persuade her to stay in Wadi Musa and give us a chance.  She oversees reservations and contracts, and knows all the answers when the rest of us ask “What’s going on with [anything].”  She has never been observed to actually eat food, and we worry about that sometimes.

Mohammed Nawafleh is Ayman’s right hand in our accounting department.  He is an ace at deciphering invoices, solving mysterious billings and keeping all of us on an even keel.

Baker Mayoof, an IT student at al-Hussein University, does a bit of everything.  He prepares manifests and rooming lists, tabulates customer feedback, keeps our website current and is the Shop-and-Ship King of Wadi Musa.

Suleiman Hamadeen keeps the office clean, re-orders everything before we know we need it, makes coffee and tea and has also learned how to brew an outstanding pot of drip coffee.  My dog thinks he was put on this earth to play with her, and Suleiman very kindly does not disabuse her of this notion.

Mahmoud Nawafleh and Jafer Masadeh, both outstanding desert chefs, make sure that all the trekking programs and camping trips run like clockwork.  They mobilize a small army of cooks, drivers and helpers to make sure that the tents get built, the campfires get lit, the lunch gets served in the right place at the right time, and have even been known to produce ice for your drink or a birthday cake for the lucky camper in the heart of the desert.

Ali Abu Othman is our representative at Queen Alia airport.  He greets you with a smile, whisks you through immigration and customs and makes sure that your trip starts off on the right foot.

Bottom line is…..we want you to go home and tell all your  friends and neighbors, “That was the best vacation of my life!”  Whatever we can do to make that happen, count on us to do.  Our business doesn’t grow unless your trip is everything you want it to be….and more!