Family Fun


Holidays should be fun for everyone in the family. With its spectacular diversity of activities, events and cultural experiences, Jordan is the ideal place to share experiences you’ll remember with pleasure for years to come.

Family holidays are as different as families we’ll help you organize a vacation offering ingredients designed to provide each member of your family with delightful experiences. Use our convenient response form to tell us about the ages and special interests of your family members, and we’ll work with you to custom design a program that gets everyone revved up for an exciting holiday! And of course we’ll remember the basics; hotels with kid-friendly swimming pools, car seats when needed, low-intensity sightseeing plans and flexible itineraries for the days when you just have to get back for a nap or a swim.


Some of our most popular family holiday elements include:

Make a camel safari through the bright red dunes of Wadi Rum; take a jeep safari through the Shumari Wildlife Refuge; mount your donkeys for a climb to Petra’s ad-Deir (Monastery); spend a day taking a horseback excursion through the Baidha Wilderness or up to the top of Petra’s Jabal Harun. Safaris, like families, come in all shapes and sizes….

Ride in a Roman chariot, or try on a Roman helmet and shield…..after watching the exciting Roman Army and Chariot Experience show in the Jerash Hippodrome, take some time to learn how this unique re-enactment program was put together. (Check the Special Events page for more details).

Spend a fun evening working alongside local women to prepare a typical Jordanian feast from scratch. It’s a terrific family experience—and nobody has to do the dishes afterwards! (Check the Special Events page for more details).

We’ll hook you up with expert dive instructors who can introduce you to the wonders hidden beneath the Red Sea. (Check the Nature Tours page for more details.)

Spend an evening in our “zillion-star” canvas hotel in Wadi Rum, where the dazzling night sky of the desert will thrill you. See who can spot the most shooting stars, trace the constellations and enjoy the special peace of a night in the heart of the desert. Without all the distractions which plague us on a daily basis, you’ll have more time to share the rich pleasures of just being a family together.

Learn how to write your name in a sand bottle. Try your hand at making a picture in mosaic. Use dried Jordanian wildflowers to decorate your own special card of hand-made okra stem paper. Write your name in Arabic. Some of the most creative traditional handicraft workshops in Jordan will be pleased to share their skills to help you create a very special souvenir of your family holiday.