This was our original and still the most exciting business. Whether you want to tour by camel, horseback, jeep or hiking, Jordan’s combination of splendid natural beauty and unspoiled wilderness areas studded with archaeological remains make camping in Jordan an unforgettable pleasure. Our staff includes experienced trek leaders and a first-rate chef to make sure that you have the energy to keep going!

Throughout history Jordan has occupied a strategic position along important trade routes. The commerce in spices and silks between the Orient and Europe ran through Jordan. Even today, the highway connecting the Red Sea port of Aqaba to Syria, Turkey and Eastern Europe is still the single most important overland route for goods being shipped between Asia and Europe. One of the dividends of making a trekking trip through Jordan is the chance to re-trace part of one of antiquity’s key trade routes.

You may decide to combine an adventure excursion with a more ‘classical’ tour which allows you to see more of Jordan’s wonderful sites. Many of the adventure tours can be expanded or collapsed as you like, from a simple day trip or an evening’s Bedouin party in the wilderness to as many days of camping as you want.


All overnight camping programs include full camp services–tents, sleeping bags, full board (3 meals a day including non-alcoholic beverages), camping equipment and support staff.

Petra on the Spice Road

On foot or by camel, explore some of the outskirts of Petra. Caravans en route from the Arabian Peninsula, from India, from China, from Damascus, from Gaza and from Egypt all converged on the capital city of the Nabatean trading empire… is exciting to re-discover some of the ancient roadside features.

The countryside around Petra has a surprising number of natural springs and hidden orchards, unexcavated antiquities sites and modern Bedouin tent-dwellers. The glorious whorls and bands of colors in the Sandstone Mountains create a feast for the eyes as you traverse the hilly terrain. On foot, you can make a complete circuit around the outskirts of the Petra park in about 4 days, with 3 nights’ camping along the way.


Wadi Rum Treks

Tell us how much time you have available and we’ll custom-design a trekking program through one of the world’s most famous deserts, Wadi Rum.

By jeep you can cover most of the Wadi Rum desert area in a couple of days. If you can’t afford the time or would prefer spending the night in a hotel, we will devise a single-day visit including some of the most famous sights such as al-Khazali Mountain with its mysterious rock inscriptions, theLawrence Spring and the towering rock formation knows as the Seven Pillars of Wisdom.


On foot you can explore the area at a pace more in keeping with the timeless face of the desert. Wadi Rum hiking programs of 3-4 days are ideal if you’re looking for an experience totally removed from your daily routine. In the vast uncluttered heart of the desert, you will find yourself pondering the Big Questions modern life leaves no time for…….and understanding why desert dwellers are credited with introducing the zero, coffee, the Tusi-couple and three of the world’s great religions.

By camel you can retrace the desert trade routes as they’ve been traveled for millennia. A camel can carry enormous loads through the desert for 3 days without feeling the faintest bit of thirst. Their feet look like a Michelin-man version of bovine hooves—a quality you can appreciate after trying to walk comfortably through the desert sands. The dizzying lurch as they kneel and then rise again is like riding a roller-coaster—but at the top of the arc, you’ll have a commanding view of the land around you.


Wadi Araba Trek

Make a one-day jeep trip or 5-day hike from the ancient copper mines of Wadi Finan to Petra.

Dhana-Petra hike

Spend four days walking the scenic route from the Dhana Nature Reserve to Petra. You’ll also find this hike incorporated into our guaranteed departure program Hiking to Petra.

Baidha Excursions

Baidha, the wilderness area just to the north of Petra, contains a staggering number of archaeological sites including a Neolithic settlement believed to be one of man’s oldest agricultural villages. It’s also a beautiful landscape, and seasonally dotted with the black hair tents of Bedouin families. Its proximity to Petra makes Baidha an ideal spot for short excursions by horse, jeep, camel or on foot.


East of the Dead Sea

Hikers in the great wadis emptying into the Dead Sea are rewarded by the colorful terrain and pleasant streams and waterfalls. The mountain tops above the Dead Sea contain remains of Edomite and Moabite settlements familiar to Biblical scholars, and can be explored in a variety of ways. There are a number of challenging one-day hikes from the mountain highlands to the shores of the Dead Sea, and a few wadis which can be enjoyed by almost everyone.